Monday, February 13, 2012

Still Here. And...

... I've got a new video uploaded.

I'll be back soon with new links to some new tracks that I've written.

All the best,

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

ArtiFacts by Bluejooz

I've uploaded a video that I created using artwork and music done by myself.
It is also available in HD.

The track is called "Powder".


Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year

So, that was 2010. Between you, me and the gate post, I've had an absolute shit time.
But... I won't bore you that. I have some tracks ready for you to cast your ear holes to.

The first is called "Pure" and was written for a project I set up on my label for Breast Cancer Research. The version I am sharing is edited and is not the full track. Well, it is technically a full track but not the official one.

The second track is "Eastern Promise 2010" and is very upbeat, dancey, techy malarky track. There is only one way to play this and that is to turn your volume up to eleven. Or, if you're lucky enough, set it to infinity for maximum effect.

And finally, here is me singing and performing a Pink Floyd track called "Comfortably Numb".

Until next time,

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Zeta Aquarii

Bluejooz Presents "Zeta Aquarii"... music and computer art combined into one.
And it is in HD too.

Images were created using an excellent free fractal program called Chaoscope.
The images were then saved and then post produced in Photoshop.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

A couple of new tracks released.

I've been a little quiet lately...
But, I seem to have written and produced several new tracks that are free and are available to stream and download.
The first three tracks are taken from the brand new Ambient Collective release "The Eight-Thousanders".

Lhotse (as Transmission 71)

Here is the complete set:
The Eight-Thousanders tracks by Bluejooz by bluejooz

Also uploaded is the complete Keema Revisited series. Five tracks written a few years ago but still sound pretty fresh today.
You can enjoy them by streaming or downloading them below.

Keema ReVisited Series by bluejooz

Many thanks and remember, if you like them then please... share them! They are free afterall.


Wednesday, May 05, 2010

New track available: "Cariad" by Bluejooz

I've just released a new version of a track I wrote many years ago called "Cariad". This one, just like "Dreamcatcher" is a total rewrite and a whole new sound. I decided to go back to basics with it and rearrange a lot of the original tune.
All performed, rearranged, produced and recorded by myself, Bluejooz.

Cariad by Bluejooz by bluejooz


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Record from Propellerhead Software

I wish it was Christmas... this would be top of my list.
Looks like I might have to start saving up... looks the shizz.

I've used several different softstudios over the years but Record looks and is probably awesome.

Oh well, back to Snoozbase.